Three 11 to 16 colleges and a separate sixth form centre
Tax breaks for small businesses
An island wide cycling infrastructure
Improved care for our youths and elderly
Decriminalisation of cannabis

I’m not going to write a lengthy manifesto. Such documents often promise much which, for one reason or another can not be delivered.

Over the next 4 years I would like to see the following improvements:

I would support a school system with three 11 to 16 colleges and a separate sixth form centre, I believe this to be the most efficient and cost-effective choice. Covid 19 has also forced us all to rethink the way we do things, our children have adapted to a new form of education. We should take something from the positives, three colleges and a sixth form centre would be far easier to protect our children in the ongoing uncertainty and in the event of any new outbreak of the virus.

I would like to see tax breaks for small business owners. I have setup two businesses and the first 2 years can be incredibly challenging, with cash flow being the main cause of stress and worry. If these businesses were given tax breaks it would give them a chance to get a strong footing and a strong future, which can only be beneficial to the future of our Island economy.

An island wide cycling infrastructure. It is clear as both a cyclist and a car driver that the two cannot co-exist on the same road, cycling can feel intimidating due to constant close passes by cars. Drivers are regularly frustrated with the speed of cyclists and the two together are a risky combination for the safety of our roads. This issue isn’t going to go away, we need to begin planning and building an island wide cycling infrastructure, it will take time, not only will it improve health it will save lives.
Improved facilities for our youths…..there is currently so few activities available for them. In my youth Beau Sejour had just opened and offered a huge range of activities, how has this degraded into what is on offer there now? We are promoting cars in the foyer of a building intended for health and wellbeing purposes!

Improvements to our care for the elderly, we need to have more sheltered communities, there is a shortage of facilities for those that can’t cope at home but are not ready for a care home.

Decriminalisation of cannabis, a contentious issue I know but giving someone a criminal record for possession of a personal amount of cannabis can have massive consequences on future travel and career opportunities. Excessively long prison sentences leave their family with reduced or no income, children/family are stigmatised. Cost of housing a prisoner is circa £50k per year, also the prisoner isn’t paying tax or social security whilst in prison and neither are they redistributing their salary into the islands economy.
Cannabis is now widely accepted to have medical benefits over other prescription drugs for a number of conditions, it should be made more easily available for those who feel it would benefit their condition.

I would like to see much more efficiency and fluidity within the States. I would be there to represent the whole Island, to represent every individual and will strive for Guernsey to be at the forefront for change, to become a leader and set an example to everyone for a better future!
Please email me if you would like to discuss any of the above.

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